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Hello and Bienvenue to my blog, Visage Maquillage, which loosely means "Face Makeup" in French.

I am G, your host, the creator and author of Visage Maquillage.

I have been working as a makeup artist in Los Angeles for roughly 3 years. I had dabbled in doing makeup on others when several of my gorgeous girl friends began asking me to do makeup for their weddings and head shots. My interest in makeup began at age 13, when my mother began to teach me how to do my makeup. My mother is and has been a highly lauded professional makeup artist for nearly 40 years. Her company, Marie Augustine Cosmetics, was the makeup division of the international hair product juggernaut Vidal Sassoon, creator of the famous line, "If you don't look good, we don't look good." My mother taught me the vast majority of what I know about applying makeup.

My interest in makeup and beauty really began about 10 years ago, when I began casually participating in online makeup forums. Around 2008, I began to catch wind of the phenomenon of beauty blogs and Youtube beauty "gurus". I've been reading and studying these mediums for several years and have learned much about makeup and the cosmetics industry as a whole. It has been a slow process but I finally got so interested that I began doing makeup myself. A couple of years ago  was when I first got "the bug" to create my own beauty blog. The idea germinated in my mind for awhile, but finally in February of 2014 I just said to myself, "To hell with it! I'm doing this!"

I want Visage Maquillage to be about all kinds of cosmetics: high end, mid-range, drugstore, dirt-cheap, wildly expensive, local,  international, independent, and universally known. I would like it to grow and evolve and incorporate skin care, hair care, nail care, and all things beauty related, such as trends, tips, how-to's, and the like.

On the personal side, I am an avid exercise enthusiast with a penchant towards indoor cycling. I am a karaoke nut-job who always wants to sing classic rock and heavy metal (Queensr├┐che, anyone?) My secret desire, other than being a rock star, is to be an Olympic-level professional snowboarder, even though I've only snowboarded one time. I'm really good at doing accents.

I hope you enjoy Visage Maquillage. I want this page to be a place you come to to get excited about the world of beauty because, in my experience, the more interested you are in your own beauty the more you take care of your entire being as a whole.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, you can contact me at visagemaquillage.g@gmail.com
All business inquiries my contact me at the same address.

Love Eternal,


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