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        In some ways, I feel that Rimmel London is the unsung hero of drugstore makeup. I just don't hear it talked about in the same way as the ones I call the Big Four (in descending order of quality as well as price point, in my opinion) L'Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, and CoverGirl. Then we have NYX, which is a relative newcomer, but is highly regarded. Then of course we have wet & wild and NYC New York Color at the lowest end of the spectrum. I think that Rimmel is generally thought to be around the CoverGirl range. Its display is always sort of squeezed in around wet & wild and NYC. Neutrogena and Almay are always somewhere in their own little world. Regardless, Rimmel has certain products that are well-loved, such as their Stay Matte powder and their Stay Matte foundation - both of which I will be reviewing shortly - and their Moisture Renew lipsticks. I remember way, way back when the lipstick color Crush was all the rage, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Crush is a light peach that borders on nude for light skintones. After many failed trips to the drugstore, I was finally able to find it at Ulta, and I loved it well. Sadly, it appears to have been discontinued. Damn it all to hell.
        On to the Oh My Gloss! lipgloss. I picked up the color Ooh La La, since it was the only color that actually appealed to me. As of August 15, 2015, Rimmel Oh My Gloss! lipgloss includes 17 shades, including a clear gloss and several nudes, pinks, reds, purples and browns. They retail for $5.49 at Target and the display at Target says that they are exclusive to Target.
        They have recruited Rita Ora to be the face of this particular product.

Rimmel oh my gloss
These are the claims Rimmel makes about the product on their website:

• Up to 6 hours of colour, shine, comfort and moisture for your lips.
• Lip Loving gloss with Argan Oil and Vitamin E.
• Featuring Rimmel’s ‘Gloss Lock’ technology, which delivers an elevated, long-lasting 3-dimensional shine.
• Non-sticky, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

    So, let's start with the obvious: packaging, color, scent. I think the packaging is quite nice. From the top it has a triangular shape that extends down through the tube. The top is black and the tube is clear, which is nice because I prefer to be able to see how much of the product has been used.
          Rimmel Oh My Gloss

        I put up two photos because I wanted to show you how the gloss looks under different lighting conditions. I chose this color because it is the brightest pink of the bunch, bordering on fuschia. It's definitely what I would call a hot pink. In the Rita Ora picture, it says that Rita is wearing this color, Ooh La La. However, I feel like the color she is wearing more closely resembles Pin Up, which is definitely a red shade.

        So, on to consistency. Rimmel Oh My Gloss glides on like a dream. It has a super-smooth, jelly-like texture. While it felt very good going on and seemed like it would be a very comfortable gloss to wear, I found that it was somewhat hard to get the product to stick to the middle of my lower lip, as if that was a particularly difficult place to get a concentration of color. The gloss has no discernible scent, and it has absolutely no stickiness or tackyness to it.

Rimmel Oh My Gloss Rimmel Oh My Gloss

        As you can see, the wand is topped with a doe-foot paddle. I find that choosing a paddle over an applicator with a slanted tip is becoming more and more the standard, but it is a double-edged sword. With a paddle, you are generally able to draw more product out of the tube. However, with a slanted tip you are going to get a more precise application around the edges of your lips, particularly if you are not using a lipliner. The paddle is a little bit more awkward to apply the gloss around the edges, and getting outside your lip line is easy to do.

        This gloss is totally gorgeous upon first application, and it feels wonderful on the lips. However, the main problem I had with this lip gloss is that it doesn't even come close to lasting as long as it should or as it claims to.. Now, mind you, I believe that I lick and smack my lips a lot more than the average person, so it is automatically going to disappear more quickly on me. In fact, if a gloss or a lipstick lasts 3 hours on you, it's going to last 1 hour on me. But, just about anyone can forget about taking a sip of coffee, let alone eating with this stuff on. The ingredients aren't listed on Rimmel's website, but, given the amount of slip it has and its jelly-like nature, I'm inclined to believe that the gloss has a considerable amount of silicone. It actually feels a lot like it would if you were putting Smashbox Photo Finish Primer on your lips.

Rimmel Oh My Gloss

        The 2nd photo reflects what the gloss looks like upon first application. The first photo was taken in daylight and it represents what the gloss looks like after it has faded a bit, which for me was about 20 minutes. The third photo was actually taken a day before the other two, on the first day I was using and shooting with the gloss. This was the day that I had real trouble keeping it on and was literally applying again and again to get a picture. I think I finally got fed up and resigned myself to using this photo to show what was left over when the actual glossy part of the gloss had fully rubbed off and all that was left was the remnants of the color.

        After applying and re-applying so many times in the span of just an hour or two, my lips did feel a bit dry. But I don't think that this gloss is particularly drying. Its argan oil may be nourishing, but I think if there's enough of it, it may be contributing to the slickness of this gloss and making it more slippery, thus, more prone to wear off.

        Ultimately, I was dissatisfied with Rimmel Oh My Gloss! lip gloss. As pretty as it was and as nice as it felt on my lips, I can't truck with any product I have to keep re-applying every 20 minutes. I think that this "Gloss-Lock Technology" is a figment of Rimmel's marketing scheme, which is something I have learned that brands create to make us believe they have re-invented the makeup wheel. If this only lasts 20 minutes on me, and if you'll allow me to guestimate my calculations, it would still only last ½ hours on someone who practically never moves their mouth.

     So, if you are the sort of gal who doesn't mind running to the bathroom at the restaurant, bar, club, or party just to reapply your lip gloss, this is the lip gloss for you! Or, you could just apply it at the table with your little compact mirror, but that would be tacky.

     Have you tried Rimmel Oh My Gloss! in Ooh La La or any other color? Do you find it as easily wear-off-able as I do? Should I try another color and give it a second chance? I want to believe in Rimmel, I really do! Help me! 

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