Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Crown Brush Makeup Brushes

Today we are taking a look at Crown Brush makeup brushes.
I've heard of Crown Brush here and there on the makeup boards, but I had never seen one up close and personal until I went to The Makeup Show in Los Angeles March 1st and 2nd. Crown Brush was stationed prominently in the center of the loft where the trade show was being held. They had one of the largest booths there and there were just rows upon rows of baskets of brushes. These brushes were not that expensive, thankfully, and I just had to buy 6 of them. 

Crown Brush has been making brushes for 25 years. And there is this, from their website:


Gotta love that!

The first brush that I bought is the SS024 Deluxe Pointed Blush - from the Syntho Series. 

This brush is a large domed blush brush with a bit of a point to it. It is definitely on the large side for a blush brush. 

This brush is made from Syntho fiber. From the Crown Brush brochure:

"Syntho fiber is a high grade synthetic fiber that is thinly extruded to mimic natural bristle. Each tip is razor cut to further soften the tips. Perfect for powder, liquid and creme products. Syntho is extremely versatile and durable."

This brush is incredibly soft against the skin. It's a little bit larger than I am used to for a blush brush, but I think that allows for easy blending of the blush so that it's not all concentrated in one area.

The next brush from Crown Brush is the C422 Crescent Shadow - from the Studio Pro series.  

From their website:
"This series features a polished chrome ferrule, with a birch wood handle coated in a matte black finish."
 This brush is made of a sable blend: 

"Sable Blend: Sable Blend is a mixture of different thickness and grades of sable. This blend is soft yet dense and is perfect to apply a deep and defined layer of shadow products. Great to blend and contour"

This is a short, firm, dense, eyeshadow application brush. It is best used for putting eyeshadow on the lid. Because it is so dense, it really packs on color, especially if you pat it on first before swiping. 

This next brush is one of my favorites among the ones I bought. It is the C456 Infinity Pointed Blender - From the Infinity Series.

This brush is meant to be used for crease work. It is quite large for that purpose, and for that reason I would suggest this brush for use on eyes with deeper creases and sockets (unlike mine). Despite that fact, I still love using this brush in my crease because it blends shadow so nicely.

Crown brush infinity blender

crown brush infinity blender
crown brush infinity blender

You can see how large the brush is in my socket. This brush is ridiculously soft on the eyes/creases and blends eyeshadow beautifully.

This next brush is the  C212- Detail Mini Chisel - from the Studio series. This brush is meant for work close to the lash line, like applying eyeshadow as a liner, and smudging. It is a tiny little brush with a curved tip.
 This brush is especially good if you want to turn a powder eyeshadow into a liquid with water or mixing fluid.

The next brush, probably my favorite of them all, is the C464 - Oval Lip. It is a long-handled lip brush. The actual brush part is the perfect size, in  my opinion, especially for those with fuller lips. It applies both lipsticks and pot lip glosses beautifully.

The last brush I got is the C206 - Retractable Sable Oval Lip. This is a really convenient brush to have in your purse if you've got lip pots and don't want to apply them with your fingers. Also, if you prefer applying lipsticks with brushes for better control.

crown retractable lip
This brush is a little bit smaller against the lips than the Oval Lip. You might have to do a little bit more work with this brush applying the lipstick, but the brush makes up for it in in convenience.

So those are all my brushes from Crown Brush! My favorites are the Oval Lip brush and the Infinity Pointed Blender. I think those are must-haves in anyone's collection. 

Oh, did I mention that these brushes are incredibly affordable? Check out the Crown Brush website and see for yourself. 

If you want to see these brushes in action you can check out the Youtube video I posted about them. 


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