Friday, February 21, 2014

Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher in Peaches

Today we are taking a look at Covergirl's Clean Glow Blusher in Peaches/110.

from the package: "This lightweight formula blends easily so you can customize your perfect matte glow every time."

I have to admit that Covergirl is the last drugstore makeup line that I give consideration to when I am browsing my local CVS. Something about their brand doesn't speak to me, and I'm not sure if it's the advertising (i.e. Pink's annoying "clump crusher" mascara commercials) or the miserable experience I had with the last covergirl product I tried over 5 years ago, the abominable Smoky Shadow Blast. Suffice it to say I haven't purchased a CG product in a very, very long time.

I suppose it was the very alluring brand new display I happened upon at CVS just days ago that drew me to this product.

CoverGirl Clean Glow Blusher Peaches
Something about the display and the way it sat prominently just as I walked in made my eye go straight to the blushes and highlighters. I'm a sucker for any makeup that has the word "peach" in the title. I think there is something delicious about peach lips and cheeks and on occasion, eyes.
CG Clean Glow Blusher comes in a fairly sturdy plastic pan with a white bottom and a clear top so you can see the product from the within the packaging. I like that because I think the way the product itself is designed is very pretty to look at; it almost looks like a 3-toned wave, and it just makes you eager to swirl your brush around in there.

I would have loved to have taken swatches of all three separate colors on my arm, but when I tried to swipe the darkest color on my inner arm it came on so lightly that I knew it wouldn't show up on camera. I do not think this is the kind of blush where the colors are meant to be used separately. They are too slim, for one, and also I think because it is meant to be a highly blendable blush it's best to just swirl your brush in there all over the surface.

When you swirl your brush all over the blush, on the tip of your brush you will see a light, peachy color. Applying this is easy because it goes on so light. If you are a fan of Nars or Illamasqua blushes that have extremely pungent colors where you just have to lightly dab your brush into the pan, well this blush is not for you. But if you like delicate, buildable blushes this is really great.

This is a finely milled blush. I could tell by the way the powder came up to the surface when I swirled my brush in it and also the way the fine dust whoosed in the air as I applied it. I actually applied two layers of it as the first one was too faint for my taste.

Hopefully, you can see that it stays true to its name, Peaches. On my skin it comes off as a peach with a little bit more orange than pink.

All in all, I really like this product. It has given me a new impression of Covergirl and I think that this blush in particular is a step towards giving CG a bit more of a sophisticated persona.

4.5/5 stars

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